#12-Gita Govindam – Ashtapadi Classes

Dear Friends,

Shanmukhapriya School of Music is commencing classes for Gita Govindam or Ashtapadi , the work composed by the 12th-century Indian poet, Jayadevar.


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#48-Practice Towards Progress Aiming Excellence !!

Concentration, Dedication and Devotion are inter-related terms symbolising the aspiration to succeed. They can be collectively called as ” Sraddha”.

Remembering the proverb “Sraddhaavaan Labhathe Jnaanam”.

Deep Dedication becomes Devotion. Extreme dedication and affection to a chosen ideal matures into Devotion.

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176-MS Amma Special-Vishu 2017

  Wishing you all a Very Happy Vishu 2017   

On this happy festive occasion sharing the most soulful melodies rendered by the great MS Amma on Lord Narayana. 


01- Brocheva reavarura – Khamas – Adi (2 kalai)-Mysore Vasudevachar
02-Hari narayana-Kedaram-Adi-Purandaradasar
03-Narayana Ninna-Suddhadhanyasi- Khanda Chappu-Purandaradasar

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#47-Experiencing the Divine Bliss “in and through” Music

A musician’s music touches and elevates the Soul of the Singer as well as the Soul of the Listener only when the “Soul of the Singer” connects with the “Soul of the Raga” firstly, then with the Soul of the Sahityam, then with the Soul of the Devatha ” in that krithi. When everything is aligned and in perfect communion, there is nothing but absolute” Bliss”.

This is my direct experience as a listener when I visited a temple and saw an aged Mami who was singing with utmost devotion in front of Goddess Saradambal at Kalady Sringeri Sarada Temple, located in Kerala. This Mami was not a celebrity nor a great musician.

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#20-Amazing Pictures of Lord Shiva-108 Poses of Shiva Tandavam-2017

108 Poses of Shiva Tandavam

Tāṇḍavam (also known as Tāṇḍava nṛtya) is a divine dance performed by Lord Shiva. Shiva’s Tandava is described as a vigorous dance that is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution. While the Rudra Tandava depicts his violent nature, first as the creator and later as the destroyer of the universe, even of death itself; the Ananda Tandava depicts him as enjoying. In Shaiva Siddhantha tradition, Shiva as Nataraja (lit. “Lord of dance”) is considered the supreme lord of dance.


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Dear Friends/Visitors

Wishing you from the bottom of my heart that this harvest festival fill your life with bountiful blessings from Lord Suryanarayana, bringing you good luck, prosperity, happiness and brighter days ahead.   

May the bright sunshine outside, radiate on us and make the divine light inside GLOW , so that  all negative energy and unhappiness fogging our mind is expelled.  When we feel the light inside, we are in a blissful state, confident and full of happiness. This bliss is passed on to all who enter our life


Will be soon back with blogging Raga Appreciation, Concert Downloads and Music Lessons.