#8-Ubhaya Vakra Raga Sahana- Analysis of Giripai Nelakonna Ramuni

Continuing with the Second Ubhaya Vakra Raga in the series. Raga Sahana-a rakti raga- with high melodic content is taken up with an Analysis of the Krithi Giripai Nelakonna Ramuni by Saint Tyagaraja. Of course, the Krithi is in praise of Lord Rama.

Tyagaraja had got a vision of Rama who promised him salvation in 10 days. This Tyagaraja reminds Rama (kaluvarinchagani padipUTalapai, gaachEdanani). ‘You promised me salvation in 10 days.


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#18-Sahana – The Raga that kindles Subtle Emotions portraying Unconditional Surrender

Sahana is a very popular Carnatic raga,  janya of 28th Melakarta Harikambhoji(5th Chakra). The word Sahana is another  name for Goddess Lakshmi/ Maa Durga. It also means ‘”Pure and Blissfully Happy”. ” In Kannada the meaning is – a person who have a great knowledge about all things present, past and future ……. Sahana is referred to as ”ranjakatva ubhaya vakra raga which means that the raga is very asthetic and pleasing.Ubhaya Vakra means that the notes in both ascent and descent follow a zig zag pattern. The vakra phrases lends a unique beauty to this raga.  It is also classifed as a rakti raga – raga with high melodic content. Sahana is predominantly a “Karuna Rasa Pradhaana Raga–  the raga that reflects a mood of pathos.This raga is an exemplary illustration of Daasya  Bhakti Bhava-(there are nine ways of serving God..). Compassion due to overflowing love is also represented by this raga.

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