#15 – Carnatic Music Lessons Series

Here is a small attempt to guide the students/singers who are very passionate about  Carnatic Music. The work is split into small files and uploaded as PDF, enabling people to download or  view the notes.  The series will be continued.

Just click to read the file and Right Click and Click “Save Target As” to save the file.

01- Basic Lessons – Introduction

02-Practical Exercises-Why should you sing Varishais ?

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5 thoughts on “#15 – Carnatic Music Lessons Series

  1. Namaskaram Smt Anuradha

    I read all your notes now on Carnatic Music Basics

    It is very very good,

    You are doing great work for carnatic music

    ஓம் குருநாதர் துணை
    Shri Rajan Padiachi
    Disciple Of Late Sri M N Kandaswami
    Late Sri Chengleput Ranganathan
    [Description: ASHRAM LOGO COLOUR SMALL1.png]

    • Respected Sir

      Thank you very much for the feedback. It is great encouragement when great and knowledgable persons like you post your comments on the blog. Also please inform me if there are any errors in the write up.

      Best Regards

    • Hello Sriranjini

      Unfortunately you are speaking about the Physics of Sound and Music. To be very honest, I do not know about this particular topic. My simple understanding of frequency is- the word “sruti” refers to a note or a tone or a frequency (eg: expressed in swara form as “sa”, “ri”, “ga”, “ma”, “pa”, “dha”, “ni”) and its relation to a base frequency (eg: “sa” Adhara Shadjam as expressed by the background tambura or sruti box).

      Please tell me about your knowledge of the terms used here..I would like to know..

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