Importance of Thalam / Rhythm in Carnatic Music

There is no life without sound .Every movement in Nature is governed by Rhythm. The best example is the heart beat, which occurs exactly 72 times a minute. Daily events like the sound of a moving train, sound of waves etc all have in built rhythm in them. Saint Thyagaraja has used the term “sogasugaa mridanga thalamu” emphasising the importance of rhythm. Tala is the physical representation of rhythmic cycles in Carnatic Music.

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3 thoughts on “Importance of Thalam / Rhythm in Carnatic Music

  1. Dear Madam,

    Thank You very much for the post on Importance of talam and techniques of following it. I’ll surely follow it and try to improve myself. Awaiting more such useful posts and some tips from you.
    Thanks a lot

  2. Madam,
    I liked your blog very much. There is so much to know, I started reading articles and am planning to file some articles just for future reference with your permission.
    Thank You

  3. Dear Madam,
    I have one more doubt regarding talam. How do I implement the techniques you have explained for annamayya krithis? In my earlier query I told you about my problem in following talam for some annamayya songs. Please let me know some tips in this regard.

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