The Ganaraga Pancharathna Kritis -Sankaran Namboothiri

The Ganaraga Pancharathna KritisSankaran Namboothiri

Every Kirtana is a beautiful temple in which the great composer has installed the God of his heart for worship by those who sing and those who hear. – Rajaji.

Saint Thyagaraja  is considered an avathara (incarnation) of Saint Valmiki.  Tyagaraja’s compositions are rich in devotional and philosophical content. They are noted for their superior structure, superb handling of ragalakshanas and apt choice of raga and words. The world of Carnatic music owes a lot to Saint Tyagaraja for the treasure that he is bestowed on them


01-Jagadanandakaraka – Natta-Adi

The Nattai composition is a list of 108 names of the Lord (an astothra satha namavali); gleaned from both the Ramayana and the Bhagavatha.

02 – Dudukugala-Gowla-Adi

“Dudukugala” is a list of man’s foibles which bring him sorrow and misery. A long list of “don’ts” which, if not avoided are bound to bring sorrow.

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