Students from US

I was extremely happy when I  received a mail from Ms. Joanna Winter from California that if  I  could teach a Carnatic Song.  She is already a western singer. She sang for me an English song. She had a beautiful silky smooth voice. I taught her Varaveena Mrudupani – A geetham in Mohana Raga. Amazingly she picked up the lesson very fast. You can see her here.

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Essence of Nidityaasana

Essence of Nidityaasana

Nidityaasana is all about CBM – Confidence Building Measures for a Samsaari.  When in difficullty,  how does a normal human being respond? Immediately he/she  will rush to his friends or fellow beings for help. Now how will they respond? 

  • They will be very sympathetic to you.. 
  • Yow will be loaded with  heaps of advice and lectures
  • Yow will be mercilessly lectured about the mistakes done by you for the present difficult situation you are in..

 and literally there will be no Confidence Building Support or a single word from your fellow beings … Do you really want to solve the difficulty you are facing without any support from your fellow beings…Then..

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