#8- 100 Ragas – Their Timings & Effects

Here is a pdf file where you can see the different ragas and their effects along with their gaanakala or time. This file is updated  now and has 100 ragas with their effects. The download links provided will not work for the time being as the server is being relocated. Since I am receiving mails everyday regarding this topic, I though I will give it as a separate post.

Click Here to Download


4 thoughts on “#8- 100 Ragas – Their Timings & Effects

  1. Thanks & Regards…
    I have only elementary knowledge of Carnatic Ragas..let me try & comprehend.But this may be a treat for music students.Thanks once again.

  2. madam, few days back i have taken advice from you regarding my sruthi you told me to practice in f-sharp. i have done it and after wards even i gave 3 little public performances also and they were successful. thank you very much madam. if it does not pain you much, pl give your contact number.

  3. Respected madam, I shall download Raga Charukesi. For your act of kindness I much owe to you.I wish you healthier, happier and more prosperous life to live. CPV.Ratnam sincerely.

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