An Important Announcement-Downloads Affected Again

Dear Friends and Visitors

This is to bring to your notice that once again I am forced to change the server for a third time as the hosting company is demanding exorbitant money (more than a lakh ) to store the files of various concerts which is around 60 GB uploaded so far.  Being primarily a  music teacher, this is more than I could afford.

I am in a crossroad and a decision has to be taken now right today itself as to whether I should continue with this blog or leave it as it is.  I have spent years on making notes on music lessons and collecting concerts for more than the past 20 years. Most importantly I do it as a service and will remain so, as long as time permits. Just like a naughty child the blog also gives me headaches by bringing up controversies, which you may be aware.

Inspite of all this,  this  blog  has  now become  as dear as my own child that I have decided not to abandon it.

I am planning to distribute all the concerts uploaded so far in  different servers which requires lot of time for uploading again and linking it with my blog. So you may find that most of the download links say that the account is suspended for some time.

 Before commenting that  files cannot be downloaded , please see this announcement.  Other than the existing downloads links (to be precise upto #157-Sreevalsan J Menon- Live Concert), all other activities will be continued as usual.  New Downloads will be provided in the new server.

I am sure that you will continue your support to this blog in this time of difficulty..


18 thoughts on “An Important Announcement-Downloads Affected Again

  1. I am also ready to support you.
    Why don’t you restrict downloads to members and take a membership fee of Rs.1,000.
    You may also keep the uploads in multiple places so that one goes down another can be relied.


  2. Dear sir, Goddess Saraswathi will not make you to suffer. Goddess Lakshmi will protect the art. SERVERS are more important and I, the poor man, cannot help except prayimg Goddesses. Sorry.

  3. As one who has benefited by downloading several concerts, I would like to help monetarily if required. Just tell me how I can do so.


  4. Dear Friends

    Its very soothing to know that there are so many friends to help me in times of difficulties.

    Before asking any monetary support, let me think of any other possibility that is available for me.

    Best regards to all

  5. Dear Ms. Anuradha Mahesh avl.,

    Why can’t you invite advts, and engage a online consultant for promotion of the blog and develop a revenue stream? Because, I feel things done for with revenue often face challenge of survival and the good done often fade and with that efforts of maestro/teacher like you bring all knowledge on music to a single place. I think with development of cloud computing, data warehousing technologies there are lot of choice. I remember a socio-cultural organization in Ahmedabad known as saptak has developed repository of their annual winter concerts on the net. If you could get in touch with them it could help think of a way. Personally developing this vast repository for research and access is nearly unviable financially in the long term.

    Hope, you will take my small suggestion in the right earnest. Like me many would want you to continue this good work.

      Mallikarjun 9425032704

    • Dear Mallikarjun

      This is indeed a good suggestion. Let me think about it. Because I am frustrated of uploading/ re-uploading and again re-uploading the same thing which takes my time and money. My electricity bills and net connection charges have started making a dent in my pocket ..Thanks for the wonderful suggestion.

  6. Thanks for the mail. I suggest to have latest concerts uploaded. The older files Vance archived and can be provided based on request from your fans. Keep going!!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  7. May be you just need to host all your files in onedrive.
    It gives 7GB free per account. You can register around 7 accounts which will accommodate the current requirements.
    A 100GB storage will be just Rs. 3000 a year. We are all ready to sponsor that. I can also help you to get them uploaded. Which city are you located?

    • I am not sure about that part Anu. I did a quick search if there any such clauses and didn’t find any.
      Also came across the pricing plans for Google drive. In case you are looking a higher storage, 1 TB comes to just $100 per year (Approx Rs. 6000) – (and it’s monthly payment of $10).
      Even to start with, separate Google accounts won’t be a bad idea (15 GB per account)

      • Google does not have any download limits for Google drive while they might enforce some rules so that no one abuses their servers. Even if the downloads cross the limits, there won’t be any charges (the user might get a warning that the servers are currently busy). Looking at the current download rate that you mentioned, you might never hit the limits.

  8. Dear Anuradha, tried downloading KVN’s Mysore concert and I got a message that your account was suspended. Is there any possibility to get access to this beautiful concert?

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