Promo Release of Carnatic Solo – Pahimaam Sri Rajarajeswari-Raga Nattai

Dear friends and visitors

This is my first ever professional video recording of a Carnatic Solo composed by the great vaggeyakara Sri. Syama Sastri in Raga Nattai set to Rupaka Talam.

Thanks to the entire team of professionals who have extended their wholehearted support for the release of this solo song.

Here is the Promo Video Link.. Requesting to watch the Promo Release and we will be coming out with the full version at the earliest..Thank you dear friends for watching it..

Happy Viewing !!

#9-Ubhaya Vakra Raga Rithigowla- Analysis of Janani Ninuvinaa

Continuing with the Third Ubhaya Vakra Raga in the series.

Raga Rithigowla-a rakti raga- with a mesmerising melody  is taken up with an Analysis of the Krithi Janani Ninivinaa by Subbraya Sastri, the son and disciple of the Great Syama Sastri. Both Syama Sastri and Subbaraya Sastri composed krithis and the highlight is the content of the krithi,  which would literally be a personal conversation of a Child to his Mother ! The dialogues are mostly, Who is there to take care of me other than you ! 


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#4-SYAMA SASTRI-Monumental Edifice of Carnatic music.

Today I am sharing a portrait of the great vaggeyakara Syama Sastri along with an article  and manuscript of   Grantha script on a palm leaf  that I received in my mail.

I received a forwarded mail from one of my friends and  well wisher Srikantan Krishnamoorthy which had the portrait  of Syama Sasthri along with the images of manuscript . Is it a coincidence or a gesture of   direct  blessings showered on me by the Great Vaggeyakara and Goddess Kamakshi ?

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#26-Gurupoornima – GURU, The God in our Life

Being Guru Poornima today, this post begins with my humble pranams at the lotus feet of all the GURU’s who  have taught me. For me GURU is the supreme energy who touches the mind of the illiterate and literally  transforms the disciple into a scholar by removing the darkness.gurupadukaClick Here to Read More..