Purvikalyani – An Aesthetically Melodious, Pleasant and Popular Raga

Purivikalyani is a janya raga from the 53rd mELakarta gamanashrama.  It is a Vakra Shadava sampurna raga, i.e. it has six notes on the ascent and seven notes in the descent. purvikalyani has another name Poorvakalyani. The scale mentioned in the Sangeeta Sampradaya Pradarsini is s r g m p D s – S n d p m g r s, which is Gamakakriya and which is also called Poorvakalyani.  Despite being a raga that can be rendered at all times, rasikas know that the effect is profound when this raga is rendered just after sunset.

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5 thoughts on “Purvikalyani – An Aesthetically Melodious, Pleasant and Popular Raga

  1. A comprehensive write-up on a beautiful raga.

    It has been used in films too.What comes to my mind immediately is ‘Naadamayamaana iRaiva’ in ‘Mridanga Chakravarthy’ composed by MSV sir.


  2. Thank you Anuradha for the nice write up and collection of songs.Prakshrashmi whom I have met during the concerts at Edappally seems to be very busy these days. Please continue the great work you are doing for the ardent music lovers.Looking forward to your uploads on other Ragas such as Reethigowla and Suruti which are my favorite Ragas……….Ramdas

  3. Thank you Ramdas for the compliments. I have already explained and uploaded songs on Raga Reethigowla. I will add Surutti in the priority list for compilation. Please visit again.

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