#8-Ubhaya Vakra Raga Sahana- Analysis of Giripai Nelakonna Ramuni

Continuing with the Second Ubhaya Vakra Raga in the series. Raga Sahana-a rakti raga- with high melodic content is taken up with an Analysis of the Krithi Giripai Nelakonna Ramuni by Saint Tyagaraja. Of course, the Krithi is in praise of Lord Rama.

Tyagaraja had got a vision of Rama who promised him salvation in 10 days. This Tyagaraja reminds Rama (kaluvarinchagani padipUTalapai, gaachEdanani). ‘You promised me salvation in 10 days.


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#26-Gurupoornima – GURU, The God in our Life

Being Guru Poornima today, this post begins with my humble pranams at the lotus feet of all the GURU’s who  have taught me. For me GURU is the supreme energy who touches the mind of the illiterate and literally  transforms the disciple into a scholar by removing the darkness.gurupadukaClick Here to Read More..