#154-Aravind Bhargav-Live Mandolin Concert

Aravind Bhargav is a performing South Indian Classical Mandolin artist, disciple of Padmasri Shri U. Shrinivas and U.RajeshThe highlights of his Solo Concert or a Jugalbandhi will definitely showcase the bani of his great Guru Vidwan U.Srinivas.
Aravind believes that keeping his Guru’s bani alive is the best Gurudakshina he can ever offer.

His renditions are energy filled and his delivery vibrant yet soulful. Aravind is immensely blessed with a deep knowledge of music and wide ranging repertoire. His concerts are imaginative and full of vigor.   He understands the audience’s mind and presents his music to their satisfaction without compromising on traditional values, his Guru’s bani, yet leaving a soothing impact on the listener’s mind.

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