#22-Mayamalavagowla-The Raga with the Freshness of Morning Dew !

Mayamalavagowla is the 3rd raga in the 3rd Chakra – The Agni Chakra. Three kinds of fire is stated in the Vedas – Dakshina, Ahvaniya and  Garhapadya. The mythological trinity are Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. In Mind, Body and Soul Chakra – Chakra 3 is Sacral or Kundalini Chakra which rules over the pleasure  centers. Ragas are believed to affect various “chakras” (energy centers or moods) in the path of the Kundalini. Aptly Mayamalavagowla belongs to the Sacral/Kundalini Chakra. Singing this raga in alignment with the Sruthi and with complete devotion leads to spiritual enlightenment or illumination. It is the 15th Melakarta ragam in  the 72 melakarta raga system of Carnatic music.It can be called the gateway to Carnatic music.

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