Shanmukhapriya Publications is venturing into publishing books in Carnatic Music for passionate learners.   I extend my sincere thanks and regards to all my Gurus who made this possible.  Special thanks to all my students and to the music lovers who were sending me mails to start publishing books on various topics. These books which form the part of learning series are priced very nominally, but rich in content. 

Shanmukhapriya Publications is proud to announce the birth of its First Book in the learning series for the  passionate students of Carnatic Music. This book will be very useful for the students of Vocal and Instrumental Music.

 Introducing Sangeetha Sampoorna for the Beginners Level – I.


First Edition

Second Edition

Click Here for  Sangeetha Sampoorna- Contents 

The book is priced at Rs. 400 inclusive of Postage anywhere in India. We are also happy to announce that the book can be despatched to USA, UK , Middle East and other Countries @25 Dollars per copy. 

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13 thoughts on “Publications

  1. I am based in Chennai. The book will be useful for my daughter. what is the postage. How do i remit the money . Please advise

  2. could you pls share me the contents of this book at high level. Is it similar to Ganamrudha bodhini ? or something different

  3. How to remit the amount of Rs.400/- The details of Bank account to which the amount to be credited may .please be given

  4. Wow. Great to see this Madam. The series will b more than a lighthouse for students and aspiring people who want to experience the ocean of Carnatic music. I will also procure the book.

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