Photo Gallery

#9 – Navarathri 2017- A few clicks from various Concerts

#8-Recording Session @Chennai for a Carnatic Track 


7. Martin Schneider  and Ms. Claudia Stein – From  Germany taking Veena lessons at Shanmukhapriya School of Music – December 2016

With Vidushi Jayanthi Kumaresh after her Superb Veena Concert at Edappally Changampuzha Park
6. With Vidushi Jayanthi Kumaresh after her Superb Veena Concert at Edappally Changampuzha Park
gillion class - feb 2015

5. With Mrs. Gillion O Donovan from France

Gillion O' Donovan-Feb2015 -class
Ms. Gillion O’Donovan – the pop musician from France during her Annual Visit for Carnatic Vocal Lessons
4. Ms. Joanna Winter from California and Ms. Sarah Washington DC after attending Music Classes
Performance at Vennala Temple
3. Leading an Instrumental Fusion at Thaikkattu Mahadeva Kshethram – Vennala, Kochi
Performance at Pallikavu Temple
2. Performing Veena Duet with Sri.Vijayakumar Tripunithura on Veena, Edappally Sunil on Mridangam 
Veena Duet
Performing Veena Duet with Sri.Vijayakumar Tripunithura on Veena
A Casual Click
1.Just a Click….

26 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. Nice photos. I used to see your blog. But now only I came across these photos . It looks excellent. Keep posting lots of photos.

  2. Hi Anuradha!! good photos!! I visited your blog for the first time and found it amazingly informative. Am a student of Carnatic Music(will always remain so) and though my knowledge of the subject is not even a drop in the ocean, I could comprehend the raaga details and found them extremely useful. U r doing yeoman service to the art definitely!! god bless u and please keep it up!!!

  3. Hello Lakshmi

    Welcome to my blog. Happy note that my blog is useful to the students learning music. That is the sole intention behind every raga’s detailed explanation. Pls. do visit often and post your comments and suggestions.

  4. Hello madam,
    I was really pleased to read the contents of your website reg. music therapy. I am a great fan of Carnatic Music and has been learning lot of songs thru. cassettes all these years and has also learnt all the Navagraha Krithis of Muthuswamy Dikshitar thru. an Aunty. Infact I also tried my hand on Music Therapy by regularly singing Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni and simple varnams based on Mohana Ragam to one of my friend’s son who has Cerebral Palsy, I can’t say if in any way it helped his disease, but he used to feel very happy while I was singing, especially during the high notes of Mohanam. Now that friend once again happens to be my neighbour after a gap of 6 years. But when I visited them, this boy could still recognise my voice when I spoke to him. Can I continue to do the same practice, or should I use some other Raga? Will it in any way help him? Please reply.
    Radhaa Anant.

  5. Namskar am Anuradha,
    What a pleasure it was, reading your blog and your view on life and it’s many facets, for us ladies…
    It is my wish and desire to go to chottanikkara, with my daughter,Kamini and do bajana..thank you for all the information..may I take the liberty of consulting you ,should I need some help?
    I live in Malaysia and am very much into Kerala temples..
    Thank you, once again,

    • Hello Sulochana

      Its really a fantastic wish on your part to visit the great Goddess Chottanikkara Amma. I urge you to visit the temple and surrender yourself to the Supreme Goddess-the Great Mother who is ever willing to fulfill all your wishes and dreams. Just experience the feeling of visiting the temple and do the bhajanam and know the difference. You will return back home with refreshed and fully charged divine energy. In case you need any help, please mail me at

      Best wishes

      Anuradha Mahesh

  6. HiAnuradha,
    How nice to see the lovely photoessays of you n family.. And yes, the trip to chottanikkara with my daughter is in the planning stages only as of now..I have just moved in to my new home. And Kamini is about to move house…so much to do..meanwhile, all the best to you.. Cheers, Sulochana..

    • Chottanikkara Devi Temple is a must visit place. It is a huge loss for those people who do not attempt to make a visit…So always think about Chottanikkara Amma. She will take you there ….and shower you with her Blessings…

  7. your web site is very useful mam!! i am very interest to learn carnatic i am practice sarali varisai with your guidness. if i have any doubte shall i ask you?

  8. Really nice blog. Worth going through if you are a Carnatic Music Lover. Nice pictures.
    Thanks for taking time to create such a blog.
    With Best Regards

  9. This is such a great blog with lot of information, and a novice like me can learn lot from it.
    Thank you so creating this wonderful site and sharing so much of valuable information on music. All the best to you and your family!

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