#49-Shodasa Ganapathi Krithis – Muthuswami Deekshithar Compostions

Ganesh Chaturthi, or Vinayaka Chaturti, is the birthday of Lord Ganesha, the God of wisdom, prosperity and auspiciousness. Tomorrow it is Ganesha Chathurthi which is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha, the God of wisdom. “Ga” means intellect, “Na” means wisdom and “Pathi” means master. Hence, Ganapathi means the master of intellect and wisdom.

Ganesha is worshipped before the beginning of any endeavor. He gives the necessary skill (buddhi) to do the task and bestows success (siddhi) to the effort. Upon intent meditation, the form of Ganesha symbolically reveals many noble truths. The trunk of an elephant, which can carry heavy logs of wood as well as pick up a thin blade of grass, represents the subtle discrimination we need to distinguish between the real and the illusory. The little mouse he rides on represents our own ego, which should be a small but efficient vehicle to take us around in the world, but should be inconspicuous and subservient to wisdom. Ganesha’s form is revered as the very personification of the symbol Om the representation of  the universal spirit.symbolism_Ganesha_3


01 Mahaganapatim-Natai-Caturashra Ekam
02 Sri Maha Ganapati-Gowla-MisraChapu
03 Ganarajena-Arabhi-Misra Chapu
04 Lambodaraya-Varali-Khanda Chapu
05 Sri Mooladhara-Sri-Adi
06 Vatapi-Hamsadhwani-Adi
07 Siddhi Vinayakam-Shanmughapriya-Rupakam
08 Herambaya-Atana-Rupakam
09 Pancha Matanga-Malahari-Rupakam
10 Vallabha Nayakasya-Begada-Rupakam
11 Maha Ganapati-Nata Narayani-Adi
12 Gajananayutam-Chakravakam-Rupakam
13 Ekadantam-Bilahari-Misra Chapu
14 Maha Ganapatim-Todi-Rupakam
15 Hasti Vadanaya-Navaroj-Misra Chapu
16 Ganesa Kumara Pahi-Senchuruti-Chaturasra Ekam

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8 thoughts on “#49-Shodasa Ganapathi Krithis – Muthuswami Deekshithar Compostions

  1. Dear Madam,Am much interested to learn Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar krithis. Could you kindly tell me the fees and if it would be possible for you to teach me . Am also brushing up my varnam lessons , including Ata thala varanams – Thanks

  2. Dear Shrimati Anuradha Madam,


    Here is a humble request to share, by any chance if you are having collections of soulful rendering of kamakshi navavarana krithis of Swami Deekshitar sung by great maestros it will be a great help.


  3. Hello madam, your blog is really very informative thanks for all such information,presently iam into carnatic music from past 3 years and i no where have this much of knowledge about music which you shared in your blog.
    Madam can you please suggest me how can i improve my voice since i couldnt able to manage higher notes and iam in the learning stage of varnams and if possible can i have your lessons so that i can practice more.
    Hope to hear from you ..Thnks again .

    • Hello Anuradha

      All these issues are addressed in this blog several times. Kindly go through Carnatic Music Lessons Page / Carnatic Raga Appreciation Page. Most importantly read the questions in the comments session and the answers given by me in these pages. Same question has been asked by many and answers written. If you are living in Ernakulam / Kerala, you can come for classes directly. I am not committing online classes as I am busy with other projects and teaching assignments.

      Best wishes

  4. Respected Madam, I have heard of Ganapathi pancharatna keertanais by Shri Muthuswami Deekshitar. I have even learnt a few of them – Shri mooladhara being one of them. Which are the 5 in this set? I request your time to provide me the names of these 5 songs


    • It is Ghanaraga Pancharatnam Krithis composed by Muthuswamy Dikshitar in Ragas Nattai, Gowlai, Arabhi, Varali and Sri. They are as follows.

      Mahaganapathim Manasa Smarami – Nattai
      Sree Mahaganapathiravathumaam – Gowlai
      Ganarajena – Arabhi
      Lambodaraya Namasthe-Varali
      Sri Mooladhara- Sriragam

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