#103-Maharajapuram Santhanam- Tamil Songs Collection

Here is a collection of around 75 tamil songs/krithis sung by the great maestro Sri. Maharajapuram Santhanam. I have taken these from my various collections of concerts by the great legend. Hope you enjoy all these beautifully rendered krithis.I am not giving the entire track list here as it is very difficult to do so. Some songs from these collections which are compiled in 4 volumes are…


01-Varnam –  Innum en mananm-Charukesi
02-Kadaikkan paarvai-Kamas
03-Vilayada Idhu Nerama – Shanmugapriya
05-Srichakra – Ragamalika – Aadi
06-Karthikeya – Thodi – P.Sivan
07-Naan Oru Vilayaatu – Navarasa Kanada
08-Candrashekhara -Hindolam-Kha
09-Aarupadai veettinile

and the list grows…..up to 75..  🙂

Maharajapuram Santhanam – Tamil Songs – Volumes 1-5

38 thoughts on “#103-Maharajapuram Santhanam- Tamil Songs Collection

      • Please see the announcement post. I have deleted some files in the server due to want of space. These files will be uploaded later when more space is allotted.

        Secondly I am not uploading individual mp3 files. So you may not be able to save directly into ipod. May be you can download it to the system and then copy the necessary files to ipod

  1. Mediafire says it can not allow links 2 and 4 to be copied. Is it possible to make those two links available on a different server like 4shared or some other? Thanks for your great effort in making these songs available to a larger community.

    • Hello Sreeni Seshadri

      Just now i downloaded 2 and 4 from mediafire..I did not get any such messages..Sometimes if you are downloading more than 10 files at one go..mediafire may temperorily display such messages..Log off and try again..

  2. I tried just now and for the second link I get this message saying that “Permission Denied. This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire.”

    • Hello Sreeni Sheshadri

      Even now i was able to access download links..But i think nowadays mediafire is giving problems..Secondly, I do not post any songs which are copyright protected. I am trying to shft the entire download links to a totally new server. This may take a couple of months..Regret for the inconvenience caused..Last chance…try logging in from a different system…:)

      • Thank you for your prompt reply. I do not have problems with any of your downloads but for the links 2 and 4. If you can send me the links for those two only on a different server it will be enough. There is no need to transfer the entire collection to a different server. I will be patiently waiting. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. Great collection and I am unable to download Mediafire links and will appreciate if you could check and revert. Thanks a million in advance.

    • Hello Ramachandran

      I do not know why Vol 1 and 5 is constantly giving this message. I have uploaded these two volumes atleast 5 times now. I should seriously consider changing the server. Today I have uploaded Vol5 and it doesn’t show any problem so far. Vol1 gives the error message. So I have deleted. May be i will upload it again tomorrow.

  4. Inspite of repeated uploads of Vol1, it is giving error messages. So I have uploaded songs as individual songs instead of a compressed file. Please download and listen these songs as they are very very soulful and divine. Nobody can substitute Sri.Maharajapuram Santhanam’s music..

  5. Thanks for your efforts and finally I can download these songs. As you said rightly nobody can substitute Sri Maharajapuram’s music and his fabulous rendition of Tamil songs. “Suttum Vizhi” is the ultimate. My heartfelt thanks to you for immediate response and you have taken pains to upload each and every song. Much appreciated.

  6. I sincerely thank your efforts for uploading such classic of Legend Maharajapuram Santhanam’s songs!!! thank you so much!!!

    • Hello Anuradha mam, your service to music is wonderful……I often get struc with Mediafire download…what is the correct procedure…pl advise…..many thanks

      • Hello Sathyamurthy

        I have stopped uploading files in MF as most of my links are blocked due to excessive downloads. Hence I have hired a new server and am in the process of reuploading all the songs once again. Its almost 50 GB. I have started with Raga appreciation page. Once I finish with that, I will upload the Downloads session. This will take some time as the data to be uploaded is very huge and I have limits on the bandwidth usage each day..You need to wait..All my new downloads are stored in the new server..Just try for a Raga download and feel the difference..:)

  7. i love maharajapuram santhanam music. i want to download tamil songs collection mama. unable to download.. pl. help.. great collections you are contributing. lt me utilize..

  8. Hello Madam,
    Thank you so much for the excellent collection….
    I am here unable to download some listed songs rather than one from the volumes….
    Can you please help

  9. Anuradha Madam, I need your help in collecting carnatic compositions on lord murugan. I find your blog very useful to me. I request your support and guidance. If possible please send me collections of Lord murugan kritis to my email id. Thanks Sujatha

  10. Hello madam,

    Could you please check the album 5 download. I was so looking forward to downloading that collection. I guess it has the song ‘muruganin Maru peyar azhaghu’ in Behag. I have been searching so much for this song sung especially by Maharajapuram Santhanam. Please, please upload this album again for download. It says permission denied.

    Thanks for the wonderful collection.

    • SaNmukha unnaiyE sharan. rAgA: ranjani. Adi tALA. Composer not known.

      P: SaNmukhA unnaiyE sharaN ena nambinEn
      A: sankaTangaL tIrkkavE samayamidE aruLvAi
      C: iNNil aDangAda tuyar IriyE varundinEn mun seida payanE tandaikk-
      upadEsham seida tanayanE vElavA undan tamiyam tuyar tIrkkavE

  11. Great work. Thanks a lot! For my mother in law, was searching good collection of Maharajapuram. It was indeed a great pleasure to get all golden oldies in a single place. Many thanks!

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