#29-Why to Get up early in the Morning?

Ayurveda says in this context

varnam, keerthim, matheem,lakshmeem swasthyamaayuscha vindathi
Braahmo muhoorthe samjaagachchriyam vaa pankajam yadhaa

 A man attains beauty,wealth,wisdom,health and longer life as a result of getting up early in the morning. His body attains beauty analogous to the lotus flower.

Besides this, when the sun is about to rise at the expiry of the night, its splendour with all sensitivity starts spreading through the sky route.If the man leaves the  bed, attends the calls of nature, takes bath and then invokes vital air (Praana) through Upasthaana (Surya Namaskara)  and japa/meditation (reciting the holy mantra),  undoubtedly this person is going to enjoy a longer life with a perfect body and pure mind.

As per the modern science, the wind that spreads all over the universe consists of the following gaseous components in their respective quantum mentioned against them.

Oxygen –    21   % ,    Carbon-dioxide (impure air) –    6   %        Nitrogen –   73   % thus making up a total of    100 %

The flow of oxygen ( the vital air) gradually  recedes with the sunset and same is reflected upon human beings. By sunset human beings are tired and they are eager to  retun home and relax. However the acceleration of this vital air increases rapidly on sunrise or dawn. Needless to say that a man who breathes the vital air at this time stays perfectly healthy. Hence it is advised to have a walk on the early hours of morning to maintain a perfect health.  The saying goes – Early to bed and early to  rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Getting up early and attaining one’s higher goals and purposes in life are directly proportional. All successful men get up early and every person who follows this rule regularly attains higher accomplishment owing to health and wisdom obtained as a blessing due to this routine. No other time than this can prove more appropriate and effective for study and making notes on any topics or subjects. A well laid out plan for the day made during this time of the day will definitely bring success, more success and greater success in one’s life.

The logic is very simple. The absolute silence, cool atmosphere, the brain tissues are fresh and energetic due to the sound sleep during night are all favourable factors that makes a person feel easiest to employ mind on matters that require specific thinking and learning. When so many advantages are associated with this, one should not hesitate to bid good-bye to this habit of waking up late. Just a practice of 21 days will make it a habit.

Its altogether wrong to employ another person as a  wake-up alarm. If you do that, you are becoming a slave of dependency. The best way is to take a resolution that ” I am up at 5 am “. The power of auto-suggestion comes to aid here. Your biological “system clock” will be then set. In case a person is fully prepared he will immediately get up from the bed. The practice gradually  becomes a habit and he/she will no more need any such resolution.

We are at the close of January. Let this be a wake-up call for the student community too..”Your exams are nearing”. Take a resolution now. Do not brood over the marks  of the previous exams. You can never get back the past. Start working for the upcoming exams..

Your affirmation, determination, positive attitude, zeal and tireless  hard work together with a discipline in your daily activities and above all your implicit and unflinching faith and devotion to GOD will definitely bring extraordinary success to you..


4 thoughts on “#29-Why to Get up early in the Morning?

  1. Dear Anuradha Madam,
    Good morning. Sorry I couldn’t respond to your pongal greeting and thank you for your recent post of Hyd Bros and Hyd sis and Thrissur Bros. It seems siblings are more successful together in the world of music. Thanks for sharing them.

    Thanks for this nice article on getting up early. Earlier you had written about looking at the hands after you get. After reading that than whenever I get up, whether I look at my hand or not, I immediately remember you in the morning!!! See the power of your blog. The brain immediately relates getting up, looking at hand and Anuradha.
    I get up early, but when it comes my child, I want her to sleep more, “Oh poor thing, let her get good rest”.

    • Thanks for remembering me and my blog on music..You made my day

      They are kids only up to teens. Once they are in teenage, you should start to train them on similar lines for which they will be ever grateful to you once they start reaping the benefits of such good habits..

  2. how will it be possible for working people who had to toil throughtout the day commuting long distance to travel too and frow for theirworkplace to wake up early in the morning and do allchores?

    • The reference in this topic is about the proverb “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”.

      If it is possible for you to do it, then go ahead. Else ignore it. That’s all !!

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