#25-Pantuvarali- The Pensively Melodious Raga !

Raga Pantuvarali is the 51st Mela belonging to the 9th Chakra – The Brahma Chakra. It was designated as Kamavardhini earlier and the name first appeared in Sangraha Choodamani of Govindacharya. Muthuswamy Dikshitar addressed it as Kashiramakriya. In Sanskrit works, Pantuvarali is referred to as Ramakriya. Ramamatya in his Swaramelakalanidhi(1550) mentions Raga Deepakam as a janya of Ramakriya. Tyagaraja immortalised Deepakam with his krithi Kalala Nerchina.

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176-MS Amma Special-Vishu 2017

  Wishing you all a Very Happy Vishu 2017   

On this happy festive occasion sharing the most soulful melodies rendered by the great MS Amma on Lord Narayana. 


01- Brocheva reavarura – Khamas – Adi (2 kalai)-Mysore Vasudevachar
02-Hari narayana-Kedaram-Adi-Purandaradasar
03-Narayana Ninna-Suddhadhanyasi- Khanda Chappu-Purandaradasar

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#175-Navavarana Krithis of Muthuswami Dikshithar

Dear Friends and Visitors

Here is my contribution to add divinity and melody to the Navarathri Celebrations.

Special Manjal Kumkumam offering to all the ladies who visit this Blog 🙂



These are the Kamalaamba Navavarana krithis composed by the great vaggeyakara Sri, Muthuswami Dikshithar, in praise of goddess Kamalamba of Tiruvarur.  Muthuswami Dikshithar has composed these in the Five Grands Ragas or Carnatic Music such as Todi, Kalyani, Kamboji, Sankarabharanam and Bhairavi. The remaining four songs are composed in rakthi ragas -soul sitting ragas Sahana, Anandabhairavi, Punnagavarali, Ghanta and Ahiri. These songs were popularised by the great vidwan Sri. D.K.Jayaraman.


01-Sri Maha Ganapati – Gowla – Misra Chapu – Muthuswami Dikshitar-MS Amma
02-Balasubramanyam-surutti-Sita Rajan
03-Dhyanam-Kamalambike – Todi (Dhyana Kriti) – Rupakam
04-Avaranam-01-Kamalamba Samarakshatu-Anandabhiaravi-Misrachappu

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Divine Navarathri-2016

Divine Navarathri-2016

Once again we are celebrating the divine Nine-Night /Navarathri festival worshipping Goddess in the forms of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi.

Navarathri depicts Mahishasura Vadham – Destroying the demon Mahishasura by Goddess Durga. Mahisham is buffallo which is the embodiment of  lethargy – laziness or jadathwam  filled with immense strength of arrogance. In this modern world, we can infer it symbolically as  the human mind which is the seat of all good and bad tendencies. The mind is a  battlefield where there is always a fight between these two forces – good  Vs bad.

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#174- Vinayaka Chathurthi Special – Krithis on Vinayaka by MS Amma

Here is a special posting of Vinayaka Krithis on this happy and delightful occasion of Vinayaka Chathurthi- 2016. It is special because all these songs are sung by the one and only MS Amma whose  honey dipped golden nadam elevate anyone who listens to it to a supreme spiritual level.  This is the music for the Body, Mind and Soul. 

Also Celebrating 6 years of Blogging !!  🙂



01-Kalai Nirai Ganapati-Hamsadwani-Adi-Vallalar Ramalinga Swami
03-VaranaMukha-hamsadhwani-Rupakam-Koteeswara Iyer

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#173-Janmashtami Celebrations-2016

Dear Friends and Visitors

Here is my contribution to add colour and melody to the Gokulashtami Celebration. Sharing a  few very good soulful,divine songs of Lord Krishna by great musicians. 



1.  Madhava Mamava – Neelambari-Adi-Narayana Theerthar-Malladi Brothers
2. Balagopala-bhairavi-Adhi-Muthuswamy Dikshithar-Neyveli Santhanagopalan
3. Swagatham Krishna – Mohanam -Adi-Oothukkad Venkatakavi-Sowmya

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#10- Carnatic Singing Lesson – Thiruppugazh

Thiruppugazhs are Tamil hymns composed by the 15th Century poet Saint Arunagirinathar.  These are sung in praise of Lord Muruga mostly, though very few songs are composed about Lord Shiva and Vishnu.  Lord Muruga, is regarded as the embodiment of beauty, bravery, compassion and wisdom.


Here is a home recording of melodiously composed Thiruppugazh in Raga Khamas.  Notations are provided to supplement learning. 

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#171- OM Namah Shivaaya – Divine Krithis on Lord Shiva 2016

At the spiritual level, Lord Shiva – The Lord of Destruction prefers Silence and Solitude. Symbolically, HE inspires us to go beyond the noise of material and worldly desires. Lord Shiva is revered to be as brilliant white. HE is described as Karpura-Sphatika-Indu-Sundara Tanu in Mruthyunjaya Manasika Puja (whose body is as radiant as Camphor, Crystal and the Moon).

On this auspicious occasion of Maha Shivarathri, here is a compilation of Krithis on Lord Shiva composed by Great Vaggeyakaras 



01-Sambo Mahadeva-BOWLI- Rupakam-Neelakanta Sivan-MS Amma
02- Ananda Natana-Kedaram-Misra Chappu-Muthuswamy Dikshithar-Balaji Shankar
03-Sambho Mahadeva -Panthuvarali-Rupakam-Tyagarajar- S.Sowmya

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#169-Skanda Shasti and Skanda Guru Kavacham-Sulamangalam Sisters

Here is the downloadable link of the Soulful rendition by Skanda Shashti and Skanda Guru Kavacham by Sulamanagalam Sisters.  My all time favourite !! Truly Blessed to hear this and sing along.. 

skanda shasti kavacham

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