#4-Vakra Janta Varisai Class with Students

The term Vakra refers to ‘crooked’; referring to a scale or pattern that follows a curved, zigzag pattern. The swaras that makes up these varisais may go up and down- for example  2 steps forward one step back or include a janta pattern along with a note with elongation lke SS R S,R. Here SS is jantai pattern which have twin swaras and S,R is a swara phrase with Karvai or elongation. The swaras are not in regular/sequential ascending or descending pattern.

The lyrics for these Vakra Janta Varisai  have already been uploaded here. https://anuradhamahesh.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/02-vakra-janta-varisai.pdf

Read here to know Why students should sing Varisais https://anuradhamahesh.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/02-practical-exercises-why-should-you-sing-varishais.pdf

Click Here to Download and Learn the Vakrajantai Varisai -1

22 thoughts on “#4-Vakra Janta Varisai Class with Students

  1. Cannot download the “Vakra Janta Varisai” because the page says that the account is suspended. Will be grateful if uploaded through other good sites and link provided.

  2. To my attempt for Adi tala varnams – Pt 2, I got a message as “The requested URL /Downloads/Music Lessons/Adi Tala Varnam Lessons- Part2_ was not found on this server.” Pl do the needful. Tks.

  3. Hi… I just want to clarify one doubt regarding sarali swaras order. I see that there is variation in order. eg: some are considering saregama saregama saregama padanisa sanidapa sanidapa sanidapa magarisa as 2nd sarali varasai… where as few are considering saregama sari sari sarigama padanisa sanidap sani sani sanidapa magarisa… as 2nd… Should we follow a particular if so which one.. Please let me know

  4. Cannot download the “Vakra Jantai Varisai audio”. it says “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.” plz hep me to download the audio.

  5. Namaskaram , I tried downloading the vakra janta varisais but couldn’t open it . Also , I will be very grateful if you have the notation for Kharaharapriya – padavarnam – Mudhugumma – by Krishnamacharya and could kindly share it with me. Thank you very much .

    • That is in a compressed format. You have to download Winrar and unzip the file which will give you an mp3 version of the Vakrajanta Varisai. I do not have the notation of the varnam mentioned above.

  6. Hi ma Anuradha, Cant open the link to Vakra Janta varisai. Your detailed explanations on as to why do what needs doing are itself the best trait of this blog. I wish I had seen this since its inception…

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