10 thoughts on “#20-Briga Exercises

  1. Tamarai
    Namaskaram mam , in all this session is very useful mam. my son going to vocal music class his name pradosh pls bless him mam thank you

      • Hello Sudha Venkat

        There is sahitya For Sarali Varisai. My Guru who is 92 years now had learned it in 1957. He had taught me also this. For your kind information, this blog does not post anything that is not authentic.. This Sahityam is available in the grantha Sangeetha Sarvartha Sara Sangrahamu written by Vina Ramanujjaya. Please have a read. Also please do not make such statements without knowing the facts.

    • Sowmiya..I have forgotten the Sahityam now..my notebook is In a very bad shape now and it is written in Malayalam with ink pen. The Sahityam is almost faded. I think I wrote this when I was 7 or 8 years of age. I will try to recollect this and if possible will share the Sahityam in this blog. But I remember the first two lines.

      The first Kaalam we used to sing as

      Sri rAmEsha rAmA pAhi Sri VatsAngA krushnA pahi

      first svaravali, second kalam

      vanachara pathisakha vasupathi varanutha

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