#47-Experiencing the Divine Bliss “in and through” Music

A musician’s music touches and elevates the Soul of the Singer as well as the Soul of the Listener only when the “Soul of the Singer” connects with the “Soul of the Raga” firstly, then with the Soul of the Sahityam, then with the Soul of the Devatha ” in that krithi. When everything is aligned and in perfect communion, there is nothing but absolute” Bliss”.

This is my direct experience as a listener when I visited a temple and saw an aged Mami who was singing with utmost devotion in front of Goddess Saradambal at Kalady Sringeri Sarada Temple, located in Kerala. This Mami was not a celebrity nor a great musician.

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2 thoughts on “#47-Experiencing the Divine Bliss “in and through” Music

  1. Namaskarams. Your mail says that “”Sringeri Sarada Petam located in Kerala'”. The Sringeri peetam (Matam) is in Sringeri in Karnataka not in Kerala, I thought I should bring this to your notice. Sorry to bother you. Regards


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    यो मां पश्यती सर्वत्र सर्वं च: मयि पश्यती
    तस्याहम न प्रणश्यामी स: च मे न प्रणश्यति

    “He who sees me everywhere, and sees everything in Me, he never gets separated from Me, nor do I get separated from him”
    -Bhagwat Geetha Ch. VI verse 30


    • Please note that Adi Sankara Bhagavathpadar was born in Kalady Kerala. There is a Saradaamba Temple there. I have corrected the word Peetam in my original post. Please visit the temple if you have not visited.

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