5 thoughts on “#2- GURU – THE GOD IN MY LIFE

  1. What Sri.Vijayarajan Master told you is true and correct. However, in real life now-a-days, we see youngsters who enter into this field focus to get instant success, populalarity, fame, money etc. Those days were quite different and we still have some old vidwans not enamored for worldly pleasures and do it for the Lord’s sake. “Anda naaL ini varumO”…we have to sing! Yes. it is a good post. Thank you.

    “Mandakolathur Subramanian”

  2. You are a Disciple who did the Guru Proud!!!As Swami Vivekananda said – The Guru is the means of Realisation – “There is no knowledge without a teacher”..
    Great to see such photos. Regards ,Col Kumar

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