Why did Krishna not save the Pandavas when they played dice with Duryadhana & Shakuni?

Wonderful explanation by Krishna himself:

From his childhood, Uddhava had been with Krishna, charioting him and serving him in many ways. He never asked for any wish or boon from Sri Krishna.

When Krishna was at the verge of completing His Avatar, he called Uddhava and said,‘Dear Uddhava, in this avatar of mine, many people have asked and received boons from me; but you never asked me anything. Why don’t you ask something now? I will give you. Let me complete this avatar with the satisfaction of doing something good for you also’.


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5 thoughts on “#42-UDDHAVA GEETHA – A MUST READ

  1. The first line krishna himself says is “The real friend is one who comes to the help of his friend in need even without being called”, the rest wotever he said is contradicting to whatever he said.
    This is something i don’t understand at all, If a friend is present even without being called, then why did krishna had to wait ‘just outside’ and wait for being called or thought off? did he act then as a friend or as god? so wot relationship did krishna had with the padavas.

    And the Moral is so naiive

    I am not a atheist or a hater of god, but idon’t understand

  2. I just glanced through the text. In his reply Krishna says to Udhava that Pandavas were rather praying that Krishna should not come to the scene and hence the result. Like Lawyers these things you can argue any way you want. There is similar story of Rama killing Bali by sending an arrow from a hiding, because, if Bali sees his opponent, he will gain double the strength of his opponent, due to a boon. There is a long discussion between Rama and Bali as to why a god has to do this (those days killing a person from behind was totally unacceptable, unlike the US drones today!!) and God’s answers are not at all convincing. But able upanyasakars can justify the act with their ability to talk.

  3. Hello mam, Thank you so much for this post on uddhava geeta . I had the same doubts for many years. Now I am clear. Mrs. Swarup Nagaraj

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