#39-Veena- The Divine Instrument

Veena is one of the three principal musical instruments mentioned in the vedic literature, the other two being the Venu (flute) and Mrindanga. Veena is said to be in existence from the time of Rig Veda  and can be called as the queen of all instruments without a second thought. It is referred to as a celestial instrument because there are several sculptures and pictures of Saraswathi, Narada, Hanuman and Dakshinamoorthy (Veenaadhaara Dakshinamoorthy) playing the instrument.

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2 thoughts on “#39-Veena- The Divine Instrument

  1. Thank you madam for your greetings and information about Veena.I am a regular visitor of ur website.Iam learning a lot from ur messages. Thank you. DaivayanaiRamaswamy

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