#10-Attur Krishna Pisharody

It was a pleasant surprise for me when I recieved a mail from a person named Jayakrishan from US, introducing himself as a scientist and the great grandson of Sri.  Attur Krishna Pisharodi, a vainika and musicologist. Sri. Attur Krishna Pisharody is known for his magnum opus work Sangeetha Chandrika which is a treatise of music. 


attur krishna pisharody
Sri Attur Krishna Pisharody

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2 thoughts on “#10-Attur Krishna Pisharody

  1. I trust this mail finds you and your family doing well. I hope also that you are having a busy schedule singing, researching and innovating.

    I wonder if you have had the opportunity to hear any of the compositions of Mrs. Kalyani Varadarajan in the past. As you may be aware, she was an All India Radio artiste in Bombay. She was adept in playing the Veena and the Violin, besides being a good Vocalist. But her main contribution was in the form of many excellent compositions in various languages. Some of her compositions have been popularized by Sri Tanjavur Kalyanaraman, and Professor TR Subramaniam. Kritis like *Aparna Parvati *in Nalinakanti, *Saptagirisam *in Kaanada, and *Payorasi *in Dwijavanti, besides the Bhavani composition *Kanikarambudo* are already being rendered. I have attached a YouTube link and a Dropbox link for your listening pleasure – all four compositions mentioned above are included.

    1. S Kalyanaraman – Bhavani

    ​2. Mrs kalyani varadarajan singing Sapthagirisam, TRS rendering Payorasi and Aparna Parvati


    Saroja Raman (PhD in music from Delhi University), is now in the process of codifying the compositions of Mrs Kalyani. We are keen to have some select compositions brought into the concert circles. Since the kritis seem weighty, intellectual outpourings of an obviously erudite mind, I immediately thought of seeking your views.

    If you think you would be able to take time off to study some of the kritis it would be a great service to carnatic music. Do please let me know. I am also forwarding 5 of the compositions for your review and advise how it can be improved. Also attached a recent Tamil review about her.

    Thanking you, and wishing you a wonderful day,

    With Regards,

    MV Raman

    • Hello Mr.Raman

      Thank you very much for visiting my blog.

      Saw the detailed comment about Smt. Kalyani Varadarajan and her songs. I have heard about the Vidushi and also a couple of her compostiions. But not learned any composition composed by the great Vidushi.

      Saw the links sent in dropbox. Thanks for the same.

      If I get the notations with the audio performed exactly as the notation, may be i can learn and teach my students too. Further communication please send it to the mail id anuradha7.mahesh@gmail.com

      Anuradha Mahesh

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