#19-Carnatic Music Workshop at Bangalore

Dear Friends and Visitors A Carnatic Music Workshop will be organised in Bangalore on 14th May -Thursday, 2015 with the following theme.  Registrations will be processed on a first come first processed basis.

Click Here for Details

4 thoughts on “#19-Carnatic Music Workshop at Bangalore

  1. Dear Madam, Thanks for sharing the info on music workshop. Please let me know the preferred age group of the participants. My 9 year old daughter is a carnatic music student, currently learning Varna. Please let me know if she can join for the workshop.  Regards,Radhika

    • If she is learning Varnam, she can surely participate. Any student who has a grip on tala and sruthi, and is learning varnam is surely welcome. Please send a mail immediately in the above email id for registration.

  2. Namaste Madam,

    Thank you for the invite and the excellent effort from your end.

    Wanted to know if we could attand the 1st half of the training ?

    Regards, Roopa

    • Hello Roopa

      Firstly you have to register and confirm the registration by making payment of workshop fee in full. Its up to you whether you attend both the sessions or only one. Organisers do not allow partial payment.

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