#6-Analysis of Sree Subramanyaya Namasthe- Kamboji

An analysis of the Grand Composition of Muthuswami Dikshithar “Sree Subramanyaya Namasthe “in the Grand Raga Kamboji is attempted in this article. Dikshithar has composed this krithi in 2 Kalai Rupaka Talam. Perhaps, Dikshithar is the only composer who has composed krithis in 2 kalai Rupakam. Kamboji is an ancient raga mentioned in musical treatises like Sangeetha Ratnakaram,Sangeetha Makaranda, Sangeetha Samayasara. The raga has its name “Takkesi” in Tamil Pann and “Kamodari” in Kathakali Sangeetham.




Click here for the  Analysis of Sree Subramanyaya Namasthe- Kamboji

2 thoughts on “#6-Analysis of Sree Subramanyaya Namasthe- Kamboji

  1. It s good article to read madam. But I want to record a finding here. Though it s frequently sung in 2 kalai rupaakam, it s only notated as 1 kalai rupakam. Since the authentic version is that of sri subburama dikshithar, singing in 2 kalai rupakam I definitely an altered version.

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