Holy Navarathri 2014

During Navarathri the Goddess is worshipped as Mahishasuramardhini. Mahishasura was the embodiment of all durganaas and symbolically it means that during these holy nine nights festival, one should get the energy from the Supreme Mother to kill all the nine durgunaas or demonical traits that resides in a human, one each day. These demonical traits if not checked and blocked, every now and then, will take a direct control over the internal divine qualities and huge potential that sleeps in a human. Each of these  demonical traits have their offsprings. For instance, Greed leads to Arrogance, Impatience, Self Destruction etc.

86-Durga-Lakshmi Saraswathi

The nine demonical traits are lsited as

  • kaama-lust
  • Krodha-anger
  • Lobha-greed
  • Moha-desires or attachment
  • Madha-Egoism
  • Matsarya–jealousy
  • Dwesha-hatred
  • Jadatwa-lethargic or dull Bheethi-fear
  • Krithaaparadh-guilty

Wishing all a Very Divine Navarathri 🙂


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