2 thoughts on “#32-Guru Poornima 2014

  1. Dear sir, we have to give publicity in the Times ff India and other impotant news papers hence you send me your addess with notices if any for referene by ne Face Book, Twitter.,Linked in REgardind Buddha Poornima or other Poornima we will send emails to all including Latha Mangeswar, AR RAHman, P.SUcila, Asha Bansje and even to Prime Minibter Of India, Sri Modiji. So kindly send me deailed e.mail followed bypost by Pegistered address to:C.P.V. RATNAM, M.Sc.,, C4/3 HOUSING UNIT, Sest First Cross Street, K.K.Nagar, MADURAI-625020 please send 5 coies of your letter for issuace to famous papers, Face Book, Twitter et.,. The date of GURU POORNIMA,2014 mentioned. Besides Your musical school details when submitting leyyer yo Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Sri MODI> C>P>V>RATNAM

  2. Dear Anuradha,

    I hope you are doing well. Such a nice post on Gurupoornima day. Thank you! I had an opportunity to offer a small bhajan at my Guru’s lotus feet on this auspicious day:) This is the bhajan:

    Sheethal charanam Komala charanam manula charanam mama guru charanam mrudula charanam anugraha charanam sathguru charanam sada smarami prema datha sai guru natha pavana charanam sada bhajaami.

    Thank you so much for your loving presence in my life. I will call to schedule my music classes.

    Loving regards, Sarada

          Loving regards, Sarada Doing one’s duty lovingly and selflessly is the highest spiritual endeavor.- Baba


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