#23-Sivaranjani-The Raga that gathers Strength from Sadness !

A derivative of Kharaharapriya (Mela 22) belonging to the 4th Music Chakra,  Sivaranjini is a hauntingly meloncholic raga usually sung from late evening to midnight(9 PM to 12 AM). A serene Raga like Karaharapriya could give birth to a Raga that gives a totally different feel! The raga can be derived from 3 other melakarta ragams, Gourimanohari, Hemavati or Dharmavati too. This Hindustani scale is also the currently popular scale in Carnatic music.

Click Here to Read and Download Raga Sivaranjani

6 thoughts on “#23-Sivaranjani-The Raga that gathers Strength from Sadness !

  1. DEAR Madam, I am extremely happy when was browsing for some other program to view it is Goddess Sareswathi appeared with notes on Sivarangini radam. It was a time I was very sad and in deep deression. I could npt hear vocal song or instrumental recital. I will be very much pleased if the sings come to me. Ratnam. My nail ID is cpvratnam37@gmail.com

  2. Dear Anuradha Madam
    Thanks a million for sharing another raga collection.
    I found this youtube link explaining sivaranjani ragam (in malayalam) by Kavalam and Jaychandran.

    Is there no RTP in this raga
    I am sure Sanjay Subramaniam will render RTP on this ragam.
    He is the best on RTP.

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