#148-Vocal Duet-Ranjani Gayatri-Live Concert 2008 March


January 2014 is based on the theme of Concerts by Siblings.

Here is a vocal duet by the versatile vocalists/ violinists Ranjani and Gayatri. They do not need any introduction as they are world renowned. Their  music is very divine and perfect in sruthi.. The viruttams they render are soul stirring.. Hope this concert is not copyright protected..In case if any message is received with regard to copyright the post will be deleted.

Vocal duet – Smt Ranjani and Smt Gayatri
Violin – Sri H N Bhaskar
Mridangam – Sri Poongulam Subramaniam
Khanjira – Sri Guruprasanna


01 Varnam – Aboghi
02 Paramananda – Kedaram – Swati Tirunal
03 Sakala Grahabala – Atana – Purandara Dasa
04 Siva Siva – Pantuvarali – Thyagaraja

Thanking the original uploader


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