Successfully Completing 3 years of Blogging

Dear  Friends & Visitors

We are at the close of the year 2013. Just doing a review on the contents of this blog and its reach. I am very happy to note that this temple of music has been  particularly being more visited by the  students of music on various lessons and raga appreciation. Everyday I receive several mails thanking for the posts and small articles/music lessons. I am indeed grateful to all the visitors for the whole-hearted and sincere appreciation given to this blog-which has now become an obsession for me.

This blog on music  has completed three years of successful posting on many topics related to Indian Carnatic Music namely Carnatic Downloads of Live Concerts, Carnatic Raga Appreciation, Articles on Music, Topics on Music Therapy, Carnatic Music Lessons, Singing Lessons along with some Spiritual Discussion Topics and Good Messages. This was possible only with the whole-hearted and sincere support of the visitors and friends of this blog for which I am very very grateful.

In the year 2014, I wish to add a lyrics page with meanings as far as possible of the compositions of the various vaggeyakaras.  The message conveyed in the krithi is very divine which is the sole reason for its  long life. Lyrical excellence and the choice of words and their masterly combination, not to mention the raga bhava, makes each of these krithi one of the finest in the chosen raga. Song/Concept written 300-400 years back is being still rendered and cherished and ring in the ears of the rasikas mainly for its divine content and raga bhava.  Great vaggeyakaras who wrote these krithis have told the fellow human beings on principles of life and importance of devotion/bhakthi for living a fulfilled meaningful  life. Most of the krithis are  personal experiences of their God realisation.

In addition to all this, Shanmukhapriya School of Music would like to go the next level where  sessions on bhajans, devotional music, Workshop on Group Krithis, Thiruppukazh, Thematic Krthis of composers, Lec-Dems on various topics related to Carnatic Music such as Aspects of Manodharma Sangeetham, Colours of Ragas, Role of Gamakas etc,  to name a few, are planned to be conducted in the forthcoming year.  There will be experts from the field of music to handle different sessions.  There will be separate sessions and workshops for Veena students/Vainikas  for preserving the spirituality and creating awareness of the sacred ancient Instrument that exists from the time of Vedas.

As the inaugural event a Workshop on Vocology/Developing the Singing Voice  is planned to be conducted on 23rd Feb 2014 -Sunday

Click Here for More Details about Workshop on Vocology

5 thoughts on “Successfully Completing 3 years of Blogging

  1. Congratulations on completing 3 yrs of blogging! Lyrics page is also good idea – pls add one audio to get a feel of the krithi Biography of Vaggyekarars would also be a good idea

    Best Wishes S. Krishnan


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