#19-Notations of Sarali and Madhyasthayi Varishaikal

Here is the notation for Sarali and Madhyasthayi Varisaikal.

Just click to read the file and Right Click and Click “Save Target As” to save the file.

Click Here to View and Download

2 thoughts on “#19-Notations of Sarali and Madhyasthayi Varishaikal

  1. Hello Madam, this is a very informative blog on carnatic music. In the sarali notation, you have specified Focus on specific swaras in each exercise. What exactly is meant by focussing on these swaras?
    It would be great if you could post an audio with demonstration that would greatly benefit the beginners.

    • If you read the notations, the first one is SR SR…where R is given more importance. You should focus on R and see that you fix it with the sruthi and swarastana of R in the particular raga that you are singing these varisais.

      Secondly, the audio of all these basic exercises are already posted some one year before and are downloadable. Please check the Carnatic music lessons page.

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