#26-Goddess Saraswathi – Embodiment of Knowledge

The word Saraswathi is of Sanskrit origin. This word originally derived from its root ‘Sr’ which means to move or to flow. Later the word developed as ‘sara’ meaning to flow. The word ‘Saras’ also means fluid, and the word ‘wati’ means easily. If the words are joined it gives the sense ‘easily flowing energy’. There are numerous references bearing the name of Saraswathi in the Vedas and other Hindu scriptures.

The notable features are the white Lotus, white swan, pearls and pitcher around her  symbolize the association of Goddess Saraswathi with water. Moreover, the colour of these items together with her saree that she wears, predominates HER personage alludes to purity, tranquility and equanimity.

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2 thoughts on “#26-Goddess Saraswathi – Embodiment of Knowledge

  1. Thank you Anuradha. Enjoyed you rpost. I guess on the last paragraph, did you mean to say Saraswathi is NOT adorned with ornaments? If that is so, the word NOT is missing there. 

          Loving regards, Sarada Doing one’s duty lovingly and selflessly is the highest spiritual endeavor.- Baba


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