#18-Dwimadhyama Panchama Varja Ragas

S. Kalyanaraman (2 June 1930 – 9 January 1994), popularly known as SKR, was a legendary vocalist in the Carnatic tradition. Hailing from a famed musical family, where his great-grandfather was Komal Muthu Bhagavathar and his grand uncle was the celebrated vocalist Madirimangalam Natesa Iyer, S.Kalyanaraman became one of the foremost disciples of G. N. Balasubramaniam and established himself as an original musician in his own right. Kalyanaraman’s influence undeniably bore the GNB mudra.

Later Sri. Kalyanaraman ventured deeper into the scales and came up with the fascinating 36 dwi madhyama panchama varja ragams This scheme of Mela is actually mentioned earler in the Ashtotharasata (108) mela scheme. In this scheme the regular 72 melas are expanded to 108 (72+36), by including the possible 36 vikritha panchama melas, ie, melakarthas taking both the madhyamas and without the panchama, the prathi madhyama being sung in place of panchama.

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