#135-KV Narayanaswamy-Vocal Concert-1988-Ramaseva Mandali

This is a very good concert of Sri.K.V.Narayanaswamy recorded during 1988 found in my database.



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3 thoughts on “#135-KV Narayanaswamy-Vocal Concert-1988-Ramaseva Mandali

  1. Dear Smt.Anuradha Mahesh, Hari Om

    I came across your site by chance recently and I am quite fascinated by the contents and your great effort. It is almost a week since I am immersed in your pages and I am sure I will be visiting more in the times ahead to benefit. May god bless you and your family for this noble kainkaryam /seva.

    By the way, in the Carnatic Raga Appreciation section, I am surprised not to find any film songs under Sindhu Bhairavi… is it by oversight? Please do upload!

    I have a 3 CD raga demonstration by G.S.Mani which gives a small talk on about 20 plus ragas, kritis and film songs. If you could guide me how to upload, I shall do so for the overall benefit of everyone.

    Efforts like yours encourage even laymen like me to listen, enjoy and learn!

    Sincere thanks and regards.

    • Hello Swaminathan

      Welcome to this world of divine music. You may note that Sindhubhairavi is the 3rd in the series and at that time I never had the idea of uploading film songs. Later I realised that if I add film songs, people who are not very much into carnatic music can also know the raga if I upload film songs in a particular raga. This may hep them to develop a liking towards that raga which may slowly bring them into the world fo Carnatic Krithis. So I started uploading film songs only very much later. Hence you may not find film songs for the first few ragas.

      Regarding raga demonstration by G.S.Mani, I wish to inform you that they are all copyrighted albums and if I post that in this blog, the entire blog will be blocked.


  2. Namaskaram

    The singer is K V Narayanaswami definitely. Very great singer very great music

    The Mridangam player sounds like Karaikudi Mani

    ஓம் குருநாதர் துணை
    Shri Rajan Padiachi
    Disciple Of Late Sri M N Kandaswami &
    Late Sri Chengleput Ranganathan

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