#20-Gowrimanohari- The Raga that Steals your Heart !

Gowrimanohari is the 23rd Melakartha which belongs to the fourth Chakra,  the Veda Chakra. Dikshitar school had a different name called Guarivelavali for this raga. Gaurimanohari is a versatile raga which renders a very pleasing effect. The raga gives us unbridled joy and happiness. The raga expresses the feeling of Bhakthi and Sringara and it is an all time raga (sarvakaalika raga).

The meaning of the raga name is interpreted as Gauri(Goddess Parvathy) who steals the heart – (manohari means one who steals the heart). So Gaurimanohari means Gauri who steals the heart. Another version of meaning is ‘one that is as pleasant and beautiful as Gauri’(Manoharam- pleasing)

abhirami thaayar

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