#116-Aruna Sairam-Chennayil Thiruvaiyaaru 2012

Here is an amazing rendition by Smt. Aruna Sairam. Her  voice is so strong and unique it is really exhilarating to hear her.  She sings the song “Madu meikkum Kanne… “ with so much affection which makes the song very much special and appealing.

This song is a dialog between Lord Krishna as a kid and his mother Yashodha. Krishna wants to go out to play and rear the cattle while Yashodha tries to stop him giving reasons like  its a very sunny day, Little Krishna might be attacked by wild animals and theives etc.. Yasoda the loving mother, lures him with the things he likes. But Little Krishna wouldn’t heed to her request and answered all  her worries very smartly.

This is just an ordinary conversation that happens between almost all mothers and kids. But this ordinary song is sung very extraordinarily by the great singer. Songs like these will definitely go a long way in helping common people to get attracted to carnatic music.

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