#19-Arabhi – The Raga with a Pleasing and Haunting Melody

Raga Arabhi dates back to the 7th century. Among the panns or ragas of ancient Tamil music, it corresponds to the pann, Pazhanthakka. Arabhi is an audava-sampoorna janya of Dheera Shankarabharanam,(the 29th Melakartha Ragam – the fifth Chakra in Music) and the third among the Ghana Pancharatna Ragas. A very auspicious raga, Arabhi predominantly conveys Veera rasa (valour) and at times, Roudra rasa (fury).When you listen to Arabhi, the atmosphere is charged with religious fervour – “Mangalakaramaana Isai” or “Auspicious Music”. Hence Arabhi also conveys the emotion of Devotion or Bhakthi. It is an energetic all-time raga just like its parent Raga  Sankarabharanam. Tanam on Veena is particularly enjoyable in this raga.

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