#111 – M.S.Amma – Ramasevamandali Concert

M.S. Amma – the immortal legend’s music is pure and divine. Born to a brilliant Veena artist -Shanmugavadivu amma in a tiny home close to the Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple, Madurai Shanmugavadivu Subbulakshmi (a.k.a Kunjamma) grew up literally surrounded by music. Her grandmother Akkammal had been a violinist. Young Kunjamma, started growing up listening and  humming along with her mom when she played the Veena. M.S.Amma’s music is known for her mellifluous voice, immaculate shruthi sudham and her clear diction in the rendition of the  song.

M.S.Amma’s first musical mentor is Shanmukhavadivu Amma. Her mother began early to prepare her for a career in music. She took her along to her own concerts, to sit and listen, and later on to sit beside her and play the veena along or to sing along. Yes, her mother had taught her to play the veena as well as to sing.”



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