#107-N.C.Vasanthakokilam – Old is Gold

NC Vasanthakokilam was born as Kamakshi in Irinjalakkuda,  the present state of  Kerala.

Her voice was melodious with perfect intonation, sruti, emotion, high-pitched and clear pronunciation of words. Her rendering of higher octaves and sruti were remarkably with effortless ease to bring off brigas. She sang plenty of Tamil songs. She was a regular performer at the festivals of the Tamil Isai Sangam in Madras and Nellai Sangeetha Sabha in Thirunelveli.

Here is a set of excellent great old gems of Smt.N.C.Vasanthakokilam. This is a contribution from Sri Sankar CS who is a regular visitor of this blog. Thankyou very much Sri. Sankar for  sharing with all of us the great music of NCV.

Click Here to Download


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