Read This Before Copying My Blog’s Content

I came to know that many  other carnatic music  blogs  have copied major contents from my  blog’s pages mainly from pages Music Therapy and Carnatic Raga Appreciation   though many of them have given credits to my name. 

From this I understand that they have gained much more knowledge in Carnatic Music and am happy that they  are spreading the knowledge through their blogs. 

But I would have been more happy if they had put only  comments or review on their  blogs with a link to my blog rather than simply copying the content.  Creating the content, as you may be aware takes many days of research,effort and hardwork (and sleepless nights too). Simply copying it hurts my feelings. Please refrain from copying more contents from my blog.  

I am doing this work related to music purely with the intention of  bringing the younger generation closer to  Indian Carnatic Music and also to all those who are interested in music to the sheer pleasure of listening good music. I do not post any copyrighted content here.  Only live concerts and raga based songs I have in my collection are posted.  And the only return I get from this blog is the genuine comments/suggestions / from my readers  which makes me very happy as most of these comments sends prayers to me and my family which I believe is more than anything in this world to me.

Last, but not the  least, as a reader commented, there may be  spelling mistakes which I would call as “typo” rather than mistakes.  Please bear with these simple mistakes and do visit the blog and enjoy music. 

Dear Readers..It is only because of you, this blog has gained so much of popularity.