#17- Hindolam – The Raga with a Hypnotizing Melody..

A derivative of Hanumathodi (Mela 8) belonging to the 2nd Music Chakra, Hindolam is a serene,gentle,soulful,enchanting and pleasing meditative raga. It is an audava – audava janya ragam. Experts in Carnatic music hold  differences of opinion on the janaka ragams (ragams of origin) that should be attributed to Hindolam. It is widely accepted that 20th melakarta, Natabhairavi is the parent ragam of Hindolam.  It can be derived from both Natabhairavi and Hanumathodi, by dropping the rishabham and panchamam. The Hindustani equivalent of Hindolam is “Malkauns”. Malkauns is one very beautiful raga, derived from the Bhairavi Thaat. This raga is said to have been created from Siva’s Taandav (cosmic dance), so it has a vigour and energy about it.

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