#88 – Ganakaladhra Madurai Mani iyer – Best Collection

Immortal MMI (Madurai Mani Iyer) needs no introduction. Madurai Mani Iyer is a Nada Yogi. Madurai Mani Iyer gave his first concert at the age  of 12 in the year 1924. Madurai Mani Iyer’s music is characterized by his uncanny ability to sing ‘aduku swaras’ (inspired consecutive additions of notes in the kalpana swara phase, which embellish the raga or kriti) and weave magical patterns in the ‘swara-prasthara’ stage of the concert. Invariably he wove such a magic with his swaras that the audience swayed to his music enjoying it thoroughly.He had the ability to easily scale the octaves while singing. His “shruti sense” was perfect and he took special care to preserve this aspect of his music all through his life so that listeners got the full benefit of the ‘bhava sangeetham’ in his music in perfect alignment with the tonic note. He was conferred the title “Gana Kaladara” in 1943 in the temple town Tanjore.  With all his heart in his singing, you would indeed feel his music, be drawn to its every nuance,truly lose yourself in it and enjoy yourself. His music captivates you, mesmerizes you.

 Tracks – Part 1


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4 thoughts on “#88 – Ganakaladhra Madurai Mani iyer – Best Collection

  1. Dear Anuradha Madam,

    I will be greatful to you if you could share shrimati s.rajeswari’s kamalamba navavaranam.



  2. Hi,
    I have been searching for any song in Sindhu Bhairavi by MM Iyer. If you have kindly upload. Tks in advance,

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