#86 – Sri. M.D.Ramanathan – Live Concert

Dear Friends,

Month of June 2012 is Dedicated to the Great Masters in the world of Carnatic Music. My humble pranams at the lotus feet of these  great masters who still remain immortal in this world through their Golden Music.

Remembering Great Masters  – Old is Gold Series – Sri.M.D.Ramanathan

His music moved in massive chords when he lingered lovingly on both the sahitya and sangita of great vaggeyakaras. In his deep-toned exposition there was an irresistible combination of tenderness and melody. In the purity of tone, admirable vilamba kala pacing and spacing.  Ramanathan has sung in most Carnatic music ragas such as Sahana, Sri, Anandabhairavi, Reethigowla and Yadukula Kambhoji. Other favorite ragas of his include Kedaram, Kambhoji and Hamsadwani.

Sri.M.D.Ramanathan Taking Class


02-Vathapi Ganapatim-Hamsadhvani
03-Budham Ashrayami-Nattakurinji

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