Pancha Bootha Sthala Krithis – D.K.Jayaram

Earlier I had written about the Panchabhootha Sthala Temples under the topic Pictures of God. When I was doing this, I knew I had all the krithis with me but in different locations or collections. But I am glad I gathered all the krithis sung by the great artist Sri.D.K.Jayaram and even more happier to share with all my friends here..

1. Earth – (Bhoomi or Nilam) – Kanchipuram – Ekambareswarar Temple-cintaya mAkanda mUlakandam- Bhairavi -rUpaka- kAncIpuram – pRThivI linga
2. Water – (Neer) – Thiruvanaikaval – Jambukeswara Temple-jambU patE- yamunA kaLyANi tiSra Ekam thiruvAnaikAval – appu/jala linga

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