The Art of Singing Ragaalapana


What is a Raga ? To put it in simple terms, a combination of swara-s in certain order of ascent called arohana and descent called avarohana. Essentially it must have some aesthetically melodic content. AlApana is a means to communicate to the audience, the flavor or the bhAva of the rAga through the permitted notes and its phrases.An alapana, is the exposition of a raaga or tone – a slow improvisation with no rhythm. In presenting a phrase of Alapana, the swaras are not spell out as such, but spell out as certain syllables like tha dha ri na.

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One thought on “The Art of Singing Ragaalapana

  1. Madam. I have chanced upon your blog while searching for technique of ragalapana. Nice blog. Informative. Thanks and congrats. Can you load a demo of ragalapana to help us understand the three stages as you described.

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