Vaikom Vijayalakshmi did not let blindness come in the way. Fate, she thought, could always be changed, spirit willing.

THERE are so many who do not make full use of the five senses. It is only when you see the many unfortunate ones, fighting to survive, even scaling great heights, despite their disability, that we pause to think of our blessings and also of our lack of drive, perhaps.


This is a story of a young girl’s triumph over her disability, of her innate musical talent and most of all, a story of coping graciously with a cruel life.  Vaikom Vijaylakshmi was blessed with the gift of voice but deprived of the pleasures of vision.  She is also a renowned veena artist . 


01 Ohm Kara – Varnam – Shanmughapriya – Adi
02 Prasidha Gananadham – Preyasi – Adi
03 Hiranmayi – Lalitha – Rupakam

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