Mohanam – The Most Pleasing and Enchanting Raga – Truly “Jaganmohanam

#8- Mohanam – The Most Pleasing and Enchanting Raga – Truly “Jaganmohanam


Appropriately named for its beauty, rAgam MOHANAM is a very pleasing and enchanting pentatonic scale, that captures the mind of every listener.  A janya of the 28th Melakarta Haikambhoji, it is an audava audava raga. The beautiful colours and  shades of Mohana raga is just brought out in 5 swaras.This raga is called as Bhoop in Hindustani. Suitable for singing at all times, but the night time is best suited for this ragam.  Ancient name of Mohanam is “rEgupti” or “raghupati”.

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